TestoGen Supplement Review (February, 2020)

TestoGen is an undisputable leader among the non-artificial products for kickstarting the production of testosterone according to the numerous experts.

The purpose of the manufacturer was to offer the world the product able to effectively fight the signs of declining testosterone in the aging men. This natural supplement assists the men in tolerating the age-related testosterone drop, as well as helps to naturally improve the situation.

TestoGen Advantages

The action of TestoGen targets testosterone secretion. And when the levels of this hormone grow under the influence of supplementation, you are sure to expect the following advantages:

  • Muscle mass enlargement
  • Muscle tone and strength enhancement
  • Boost to endurance, stamina, and power
  • No sluggishness and high energy levels
  • Improvement of concentration and focus
  • Positive changes in overall wellbeing

These effects are exceptionally natural. They occur only as a result of natural supplementation, without the use of any health-destroying artificial substances.

TestoGen Ingredients

The manufacturer of TestoGen testosterone booster took on the task of selecting the ingredients for the supplement very well. Due to this, it’s possible to reach the high efficacy level even with the application of natural ingredients. The list of these ingredients is as follows:

  • Magnesium: If your eating plan doesn’t contain magnesium, it can’t be considered healthy and you can forget about normal testosterone levels. According to the clinical trial, a 30-day intake of this mineral on an on-going basis contributed to the 26% upsurge in testosterone amount in the men’s bodies. Magnesium primarily works by improving sleep parameters. And the high-quality sleep is a mandatory condition for the flawless formation of testosterone molecules in the body. Also, numerous studies demonstrated that most adult people are magnesium deprived. For this reason, TestoGen manufacturer added a sufficient amount of this mineral to the product formula.
  • Boron: If you want to support your overall health, your body should get enough boron. Vegetables and fruits are especially rich in this trace element. The scientists also provided plausible proofs that the supplementation with even small amounts of boron has a very positive influence on testosterone secretion in the man’s body. Thus, the study has indicated that the supplementation with 10 mg of boron on a weekly basis enabled the male participants to achieve 28% elevation of testosterone. At the same time, estrogen levels fell in those men. Another study investigated the impact of boron on the bodies of bodybuilders for 7 weeks. And it was found out that testosterone levels in the bodybuilders noticeably grew, while the placebo group didn’t succeed.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is one of the most crucial ones for the proper production of testosterone. According to the clinical trials, those men who have normal vitamin D levels also don’t complain about testosterone levels. But when the man’s body starts lacking vitamin D, it also inevitably loses testosterone. It means that vitamin D supplementation is very important for the male testosterone status. TestoGen formulation contains vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol. The latter one prevents testosterone from the conversion into estrogen. Due to this, free testosterone levels increase. Availability of boron, magnesium, and vitamin K in the testosterone booster’s formula only strengthens the action of vitamin D.
  • Vitamin K1: Without a sufficient amount of vitamin K, bones will become quite fragile. But the major function of this vitamin in TestoGen is to make easier and speed up the absorption of vitamin D. If the absorption rate of the latter one is high, there are no obstacles for quick natural testosterone production. It’s obvious that due to the presence of vitamin K1 the potency of supplement formula only grows.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract: This plant is abundant with special extract which is proved to elevate free testosterone concentration in the blood. The nettle leaf extract works by preventing testosterone from bounding to SHGB. The latter one is an enemy of free testosterone. The matter is that SHGB deactivates testosterone. But nettle leaf is here in this natural pill formula in order to not allow this happen.
  • D-Aspartic Acid: Hormone synthesis in the human body carries on trouble-free only if the body receives a sufficient amount of this amino acid. In particular, d-aspartic acid is irreplaceable for the synthesis of luteinizing hormone. This hormone stimulates testosterone production. It promotes muscle mass building process, improves endurance, and gives a boost to muscle strength and power. Male libido also wins from the supplementation with d-aspartic acid.
  • Fenugreek Extract: The seeds of this plant have the unique natural properties. That is, they bring sexual interest, virility, and stamina to a much higher level, as well as enhance testosterone synthesis. Also, there is scientific evidence that fenugreek boosts insulin release. As a result, you get an excellent opportunity to increase the muscle mass size. In addition, the extract is known for its antioxidative properties which don’t let free radicals harm your health.
  • Vitamin B6: This vitamin is a participant in many vitally essential bodily functions. And the secretion of testosterone is not an exception. The studies have indicated that vitamin B levels which are below the normal range are related to low testosterone and too high estrogen in men. This vitamin is also important for the positive energy balance in the body.
  • Red Ginseng Extract: The manufacturer included this plant extract to the supplement because it is long known for its outstanding ability to boost libido and support vitality. It helps maintain overall wellness and even keep erection on a desirably high level.
  • Zinc: The production of testosterone can’t happen without problems if the man’s body suffers from zinc deficiency. Also, this micronutrient has a strong impact on sex drive and fertility in men. In particular, zinc is a building material not only for testosterone molecules, but also for healthy sperm.
  • Bioperine: This is an auxiliary ingredient in TestoGen. It is got from black pepper. Though it doesn’t have a direct influence on testosterone levels, muscle size, and sports performance, Bioperine works as an enhancer of other ingredients’ absorption.

Duration of TestoGen Intake

Actually, the duration of period during which it’s worth taking TestoGen may be quite diverse. It depends on the severity of testosterone deficiency manifestations, as well as on what exactly you expect from the supplementation.
Thus, if you want to give a boost to your vitality, positively change disruptive behavior and mood, as well as enhance focus and concentration, you should take the supplement for approximately a week. If your goal is to build muscle mass and increase muscle strength, you can expect the noticeable effects in 6 weeks provided that you adhere to your exercising routine.
Though it takes some time to feel the effects of TestoGen intake, this supplement really works. High product sales and percentage of repeat customers prove this. In particular, more than 1 million bottles of the supplement has already become a driving force for the testosterone elevation in men across the world. Also, once have tried, 87% of male users order this pill again.

Prolongation of TestoGen Intake

The supplementation with TestoGen is aimed at assisting the man’s body to synthesize own testosterone. It means that the increase in hormone levels will carry out as an absolutely natural process with the help of 100% natural ingredients. Due to this, there is no strict restriction on the duration of the supplement intake. So, it’s possible to take the pill longer than for a couple of months.
But anyway, even notwithstanding the fact that the supplement is loaded exceptionally with the natural components, the body may stop responding to the supplementation as good as at its beginning. Since the body gets used to the action of natural ingredients, their efficacy rate may drop if you take them without any break.
That’s why you will do your body a favor if you cease using the supplement for a few weeks. By doing this, you will let the body perform its functions adequately even without the support of natural active substances which stimulate testosterone secretion.

testogen supplement

TestoGen Supplementation Guidelines

For the adult men, the daily dosage includes 4 capsules. It’s necessary to take them about 20 minutes before the very first meal of the day. This pill intake regimen shouldn’t change regardless of whether you exercise or don’t exercise on a particular day. The best TestoGen intake pattern is when you use the pill during the 2-month workout period and then have a workout-free period for at least 1.5 weeks.
According to the manufacturer, it’s not obligatorily to follow a specific diet plan in order to enhance the supplementation effects. That’s because the elevation of testosterone itself is enough to urge the body apply proteins to the greatest extent and hence develop bigger muscles. However, if you decide to correct your nutrition routine and make it healthier, both your male hormonal balance and overall health will only win.
It’s strongly not recommended to exceed the acceptable daily intake in order to prevent overdosing symptoms and get most out of the supplementation.

Whom Is TestoGen Intended for?

TestoGen is created for each man who is older than 18 and who needs to raise testosterone levels. It’s a popular choice for bodybuilders, athletes, and all men whose successful activities are impossible without supercharged stamina, endurance, and muscle strength. At the same time, these men don’t want to use artificial chemicals or steroids for the achievement of their goals.
The men with vanishing sex drive and vigor also rely on the power of this natural supplement. In addition, the supplementation is suitable for all the aging men. The matter is that the older men become the lower their testosterone levels fall. But the supplementation helps normalize testosterone concentration in blood and decelerates further hormone drop.
The symptoms which encourage the men to start taking this testosterone booster are as follows:

  • Anxiety, nervousness, chronic stress, fatigue and even depression that lasts for a long time
  • Unexpected and unexplained fat and weight gain
  • Inability to build muscle mass and increase strength even when exercising
  • Decreased workout time due to the lack of energy and prolonged muscle recovery time
  • Reduction of sex drive, bedroom endurance, and unsatisfactory sexual performance
  • Absence of competitive edge and motivation in all spheres of life

If you are a generally healthy person but still have these symptoms, you can take TestoGen even without the doctor’s consultation. That’s because this remedy is fully natural. But if you have any doubts concerning your overall health or exactly know about the existence of any diseases in you, as well as you treat these diseases pharmaceutically, then you must visit a healthcare provider before the supplementation.

The Bottom Line

testogen reviewsTestoGen is a natural enhancer of testosterone production in the man’s body. It features an excellently researched formula which allows both aging men and athletes support their testosterone levels and take care of athletic performance and body shape.

The manufacturer did its best to include only the top-notch ingredients to its natural supplement. These ingredients are clinically-backed as the ones really able to activate testosterone synthesis in men.

This non-artificial hormone booster is safe non-prescription option which can successfully replace dangerous illegal steroids.

FAQ on TestoGen

How Long Should I Wait for the TestoGen Intake Results?

The duration of time period during which you may notice the effects of TestoGen supplementation depends on the low testosterone manifestations you experience, as well as on the severity of these manifestations. But on average, you have a chance to feel the mood lifting, elevation of vitality, and enhancement of focus just within one week after you start the supplementation. If you are primarily targeted on the muscle-building process acceleration and the increase in muscle strength, this may averagely take from 4 to 6 weeks provided that you also assiduously exercise.

How Can I Understand That My Testosterone Is Insufficient?

The manufacturer of TestoGen offers its customers the opportunity to use its quick quiz in order to get to know which testosterone levels they actually have and which dosage of TestoGen they should take. But of course, only the blood test can provide the most accurate results that will fully demonstrate availability or absence of any testosterone problems in your body. It’s recommended to constantly measure your testosterone levels to timely start TestoGen intake.

Is TestoGen Safe?

If you strictly follow the user instructions stated by the manufacturer, the supplementation with TestoGen will be absolutely safe. The high safety level and the absence of side effects are easy to explain because the TestoGen formula is loaded with the natural components such as minerals and botanicals. And the traditional Asian medicine relied on the valuable health effects of these components for hundreds of years. So, you can safely take TestoGen without being afraid for your health.

Should I Exercise When Using TestoGen?

The innovative TestoGen system provides a serious and professional support to your body in its fight for the higher and healthier testosterone supply. However, you should realize that the supplementation with this testosterone booster is an auxiliary tool that has to back your exercising efforts. If you combine the supplement intake with the regular high-intensity workouts and the best weight loss pills, you will achieve the maximum and quickest results.

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