Best Carb Blockers in 2020

What Are Carb Blockers?

Carb blockers, also called starch blockers, are a kind of supplements used for dietary purposes. Though these remedies are used for the body weight reduction, their mechanism of action is not the same comparing to the other diet pills on sale. Such pills prevent the digestion of carbs by your body. It means that you can consume carbohydrates, but the number of unnecessary calories will substantially decrease.

The blockers of carbohydrates are typically made from specific components known as alpha-amylase inhibitors. The latter ones emerge in some foods in a natural way. The carb blockers are effective for some carbohydrates, not for all of them. At the same time, the natural carb blockers are considered a safer option, comparing to their fully artificial counterparts.

#1 PhenQ

The majority of dietary supplements are focused just on a single aspect of the body weight reduction process. But it’s possible to become the owner of a slender body only if the overweight problem is approached from many sides.

PhenQ simultaneously features a strong natural potential of appetite suppressant, fat burner, and carb blocker.

The most innovative technologies and clinical trial findings were put together by the developers in order to make α-Lacys Reset effectively speed up metabolic rate and drive thermogenesis growth. PhenQ facilitates calorie-melting process because it decreases appetite and prevents overwhelming hunger pangs.

This is how it’s possible to get rid of extra fat promptly and finally get a desirable body shape.

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#2 Phen24

Phen24 is filled with the natural components which safely act as a carb blocker.

Chromium has scientifically demonstrated its ability to normalize erratic blood sugar levels and participate in the metabolism of proteins and fats in the body.

Pyridoxine Hcl takes part in the process of turning food into energy by means of effective breakdown of proteins and fats.

Thiamine Hcl plays an important role in the enhancement of glucose metabolism. It at the same time has a very beneficial impact on muscle and nerve functioning as well as keeps heart system healthy.

D-Biotin belongs to enzymes by helping the body to properly digest protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Glucomannan is one of the best ingredients in the formula of this natural pill. Konjac root is a source of this water-soluble fiber which features a great water absorption ability. Due to this, it powerfully promotes a prolonged satiety.

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#3 Raspberry Ketone MAX

Raspberry Ketone MAX is a forward-looking all-natural weight loss supplement with the features of a carb blocker.

This non-artificial pill is packed with green coffee bean extract.

When you consume too much carbohydrates, the body receives a huge amount of glucose and can’t deal with it, accumulating it in the form of fat storages. Green coffee bean extract decreases the glucose absorption from the consumed carbohydrates.

Due to this, the unwanted fat breaks down and it’s possible to faster get rid of unwanted pounds.

The product formula works by raising the concentration of adiponectin and norepinephrine. The latter ones are hormones responsible for the flawlessness of metabolism and proper fat breakdown in the body.

As a result, the body melts a higher amount of calories and fat throughout the whole supplementation period and hence becomes slim much quicker.

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What the Studies Tell about Carb Blockers

The scientists conducted a number of studies which have confirmed that the natural carb blockers really can contribute to the body weight reduction.
Thus, according to the findings of different studies which lasted between 4 and 12 weeks, the users of the non-artificial carb blocker pills managed to shed from 2 lbs (0.95 kg) to 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) more comparing to the study participants from control groups. Also, another study has demonstrated that the supplementation with the high-quality carb suppressors enabled the study participants to lose approximately 8.8 lbs (4 kg) more undesirable weight comparing to the control group subjects.
During these studies, people with an abundance of carbohydrates in their nutrition plan were able to achieve the most promising supplementation results. Due to this, the researchers suppose that people who consume more complex carbohydrates tend to take a greater advantage, using the all-natural sugar blocker pills.
The studies have also indicated that the carbohydrate-blocking supplements may assist the users in shaking off averagely 2 to 9 lbs (0.95 to 4 kg). And the body weight cur results were substantially varying from person to person.
The experts state that more additional studies are required for a deeper understanding of how exactly and to what extent the over-the-counter carb control pills can promote the slenderizing process in overweight people.

Carb Blocker Supplementation Regulation

The companies which produce carb inhibitor supplements are liable for security and quality of these products on their own. That’s why dishonest practices and customer deception are unfortunately quite widespread in the supplementation realm.
The FDA is actually not engaged into the regulation of supplements’ production and sales. But it still sometimes carries out the inspection of some supplements at random. After one of such most recent checks, the organization figured out that hardly 17% of natural dietary remedies really included the key component written on the product label.
The lack of proper FDA’s regulation often results in very unpleasant things for the potential users of such remedies. Thus, it happens that the FDA identifies the weight loss supplements including carbohydrate blocker supplements where the natural components are mixed with the very powerful prescription ingredients which have to be absent in the formulas of such claimed-to-be natural pills. Moreover, while some of such prescription-only active substances are currently used in medicine, the others are long for forbidden to be sold to people because of threatening adverse reactions and complications.
The unfair manufacturers put the unsafe medications into the diet pills such as sugar blocker supplements by trying to considerably increase the efficacy of such remedies. But the matter is that these supplements have to be absolutely natural and secure. Also, the disreputable manufacturers add oversized dosages of prescription ingredients in the remedies meant to be fully natural. Due to this, some supplements may contain a much higher dosage of any prescription ingredient than the branded prescription medication. This is what puts the customers’ health into a great jeopardy and dramatically raises the probability of serious complications and interactions.
So, to purchase really the best carb blocker options of natural origin, you should find out all the details on a particular product and makes sure you select the pill from the highly reliable manufacturer.

When to Use Carb Blockers

If you wonder under what circumstances and when to take carb blockers, you should understand who these remedies are intended for. They are in fact created for people who aspire to bring the disadvantages of taking carbs almost to naught but without the necessity to stop eating them.
The carb blocker intake is also a worthy solution for people who try to find the proper method to regulate the blood sugar levels. That’s why it’s necessary to takes these pills right before eating rich in carbs in order to turn glucose down and keep insulin upsurge at bay.
Also, the carbohydrate blockers are a good pick for people who simply want to decrease the body weight without applying to much efforts and strict dieting restrictions.
You should note that the scientists haven’t yet confirmed the harmlessness of the carbohydrate blocking remedies for pregnant women and kids. That’s why for these people it’s not advisable to use such pills, unless the other was specified by the healthcare provider.

Are Carb Blockers Really Effective?

Do carb blockers really work? You will easily understand the answer to this question if you understand how actually they work. The carb blockers actually belong to amylase inhibitors. Thus, it is clinically proven that they cause the blockage of the enzyme alpha-amylase. This enzyme is available in the human saliva. It makes the digestion of carbohydrates possible. When the suppression of alpha-amylase happens, the carbs available in the food you consume rapidly pass via the gastrointestinal tract. Due to this, the body lacks time normally required for the absorption and breakdown of carbohydrates.
Of course, the carb blocker pills are not able to completely eliminate all the negative effects which carbs may provoke in the body. But they excellently meet the target of cutting the daily calorie intake since the calorie absorption drops. Moreover, you can also take the carb blockers on keto diet. And you will still continue being in ketosis.
So, if you ask do carb blockers work, you can be sure that they do. And they cope with this task truly well. As a result, you will have an opportunity to reduce the body weight naturally.
However, you shouldn’t forget that the carbohydrate blockers are helpful just for the cease of complex carbs’ breakdown. But if your goal is the prevention of simple carbs’ absorption, these blockers will be useless for you. You must remember about this if you stick to a keto diet. That’s because you will not be able to consume sweets quite unconcerned, hoping that the carb blocker will overcome all the negative consequences of this eating choice. So, if you overdo with eating simple carbohydrates, you will be overwhelmed with extra calories. Your blood sugar levels will skyrocket, pushing you out of ketosis.

Side Effects of Carb Blockers

Even the best carb blocker remedies may cause some unwanted health effects. If you are going to take such remedies, you should be aware of these effects and know what to be ready for. The side effects of the carbohydrate blockers are as follows:

  • Gastrointestinal Tract Disorders: Most often, the users face the issues of abdominal pain, bloating, and gas. Excessive gas is actually a result of carb fermentation in the body. In some cases, stomach ache, stomach upset, and loose stools are also observed as a result of the carbohydrate blockers’ use.
  • Low Blood Sugar Levels: If your current state of health requires the insulin intake or the treatment with gastrointestinal drugs, you should never use carb blocker pills till you consult your healthcare provider. The matter is that these pills make the blood sugar levels decline. If you combine such pills with the diabetic drugs, the blood sugar levels may drastically plummet, being even life-threatening.
  • Allergic Reactions: There are the carbohydrate blockers which are loaded with soy, fish, wheat extract, and some other components known for their ability to cause allergic reactions. Regardless of whether you are prone to allergies or not, you have to obligatorily get acquainted with the product label before you purchase and start taking any carb inhibitor.
  • Other Precautions: If you suffer from any medical conditions, especially kidney diseases, liver diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases, you have to obligatory talk to your doctor about the possibility of using the carb blocking pills. Never use such pills if the doctor doesn’t allow doing this.

The Best-Working Carb Blockers

If you still guess which carb blockers work the best, this list of the pills based on numerous carb blocker reviews and field experts’ opinions will suggest you the most suitable option in your individual case:

  • 95% HCA Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract: This is one of the best carb blocker remedies launched onto the market. It gives a strong natural boost to the digestive process and suppresses food cravings. This pill works well in the combination with keto to stimulate the destruction of fat deposits. It is especially helpful for combating the issue of belly fat.
  • Pure Forskolin Extract: This natural extract demonstrates a high efficacy for both carbohydrate blockage and intensification of fat melting when you stay in ketosis. It is an herbal product that can be safely used for a long time. It is proven to ensure the steady gains which can be preserved for the prolonged period of time. This pill is considered a side effect free supplement.
  • Arazo Nutrition White Kidney Bean: It takes a leading position on the market because it belongs to the best carb blocker options of natural origin. This natural supplement from Arazo Nutrition outstrips many competitors due to the availability of a massive dosage of white kidney bean extract, which is actually the only ingredient in the pill. This extract powerfully prevents the absorption of complex carbohydrates. It is also an appetite suppressant that contributes to the healthy body weight decrease.
  • Code Age Keto: This carb blocker strongly fights the complex carbohydrates not allowing them to harm your overall health and increase your body weight. Thus, since the diet pill contains a high dosage of white kidney bean extract, it impedes the absorption of complex carbohydrates by your body. Also, there are much green tea extract and cinnamon in this supplement. Due to this, it’s possible to activate thermogenesis, speed up metabolism, and promote a better weight loss.

Carb Blockers and Body Weight Loss

The body takes multiple advantages of inability to digest and process complex carbohydrates. And one of the greatest advantages is the enhancement of body weight reduction.

It’s no surprise that the excessive consumption of carbohydrates very fast contributes to the weight gains and complicates the body weight cut. The blockage of carbohydrate absorption or the refusal from carbohydrate consumption kindles the fat burning process in the body.

If you adhere to a low-carb nutrition pattern and at the same time take the high-quality carb blockers, you will be able not only shake extra pounds off but also avoid the development of type 2 diabetes and decrease the probability of metabolic syndrome.

Also, you will prevent or relieve the symptoms of high cholesterol levels, heart medical conditions, and hypertension.

It means that your body weight will decline. And along with the weight loss, you will simultaneously solve the weight-related health problems.

Carb Blockers and Appetite Suppression

The use of carb blockers not only prevents the digestion of carbohydrates. These pills also have a substantial impact on appetite. The reliable carbohydrate blocking supplements have a clinically backed ability to change the levels of hormones responsible for the regulation of appetite.

In particular, the pills, which block the carb effects, help the body keep hormones, controlling the hunger feeling and satiety under control. The blockers also decelerate the stomach emptying after eating.

This means that the probability of hunger pangs between the food intakes lowers, while the consumption of unhealthy snacks also decreases. The time between meals increases. Since the amount of food you take drops, you will not eat unnecessary calories. And the daily calorie intake will reduce.

So, the appetite suppression is one of the major benefits of carbohydrate blocking pills. The adequate appetite management is what also enables people to manage the body weight.

According to the plausible clinical evidence, the white kidney bean extract cubs the hunger feeling best of all, comparing to the other carb blocker options.

The hunger suppressing effect of this extract is easy to explain because it is known for its ability to inhibit the production of ghrelin. The latter one belongs to the hunger and fullness regulating hormones.

Carb Blockers and Blood Sugar Levels

Often, people use the carb blockers in combination with the adherence to the high-carbohydrate nutrition pattern. The large starch molecules stay in the gastrointestinal tract and hence can’t reach the blood in their full amount. That’s because the absorption of just little sugar molecules is possible in the small intestine. Due to this, the sharp upsurge of blood sugar levels doesn’t happen. So, the intake of carbohydrate blockers helps regulate the amount of sugar in blood. This ability to keep the blood sugar levels under control also accelerates the body weight reduction.

The drastic elevation of blood sugar levels doesn’t occur since the complex carbohydrates typically make the glucose levels grow almost right after they come to the blood flow. Also, the use of carb blockers effectively aids in brining the blood sugar back to the healthy levels more promptly after the huge raise.

Do Carb Blockers Really Suit Me?

You have to realize that the carbohydrate blocking supplements are not able to do the wonders each time you aspire to give a strong boost the efficacy of your keto dieting plan. However, these remedies can perfectly complement your healthy habits, which give you an opportunity to normalize the body weight and keep extra pounds off. Also, these pills will not let you be driven from ketosis.

If you are going to start using the carbohydrate inhibiting remedies, you have to obligatorily get acquainted with the most comprehensive information related to the selected pill. That is, you have to learn everything about its advantages, adverse reactions, and ingredients content. And of course, you shouldn’t forget that the carb blockers are truly helpful just when it comes to the blockage of complex carbohydrates.

In addition, the frequency and dosage of carb blockers have a considerable influence on the probability and severity of adverse reactions which they might provoke. Luckily, the body usually quickly gets used to the side effects which these pills cause. And these negative health effects stop bothering you.

What Carb Blockers Can’t Do

The carb blockers, even the best ones, don’t belong to the supplements which are responsible for the enhancement of insulin sensitivity. They are also unable to change the way the human body reacts to the consumption of all types of carbohydrates. So, these remedies are actually not meant for dealing with insulin in the human body. The carbohydrate blockers make the complex carbohydrates to “distance” themselves from coming into the bloodstream. This will protect you from even against the smallest probability of blood sugar levels’ elevation. Due to this, there will be no need at all to cope with insulin.

In addition, you should understand that that the carbohydrate blockers are not classified as the stimulants as well. And this is what distinguishes these remedies from the ordinary dietary supplements, which typically contain at least one stimulatory agent. The carbohydrate blocking pills are virtually unable to stimulate the calorie burning process and make the body get rid of unnecessary calories. To the contrary, the mechanism of these pills’ action is based on their ability to prevent the calories in the form of carbohydrates from being delivered into your body. And your body will not finally have to struggle against those excessive calories.

Carb Blockers as a Source of Resistant Starch

Carb blockers are able to bring one more undeniable advantage. That is, they make the quantity of resist starch available in the large intestine to grow. This happens since the absorption of carbs which usually carries on in the small intestine declines. Due to this, the quantity of starch passing via the gut raises.
Resistant starch is a kind of starch delivered with foods that is not exposed to digestion in the small intestine under the influence of enzymes. Many foods such as unripe bananas, ringsome whole grains, legumes, and raw potatoes are the very rich sources of resistant starches. The great relevance of this type of starches relies on the fact that they closely resemble the action of natural fiber in the body.
Being delivered to the large intestine, these starches are subject to fermenting due to the work of gut bacteria. After this, these starches break down into gasses and valuable short-chain fatty acids.
The carb blockers don’t allow the body to digest the complex carbohydrates in the small intestine. That’s why these undigested carbohydrates start functioning similarly to resistant starches.
The findings of numerous clinical trials indicate that resistant starches contribute to the reduction in body fat percentage, maintain the normal activity of gut bacteria, help regulate blood sugar levels, and manage insulin sensitivity.
Also, resistant starches enable the human body get rid of a higher amount of fat right after eating.
So, the carb blockers have a wonderful ability to turn the undigested carbohydrates into resistant starches. In such a way, the enhance the decrease in body fat storages and improve the overall health.

How to Choose Carb Blockers

If you think of using carb blockers, you should approach the choice of these remedies very attentively.
The market is now virtually overloaded with the pills claimed to be the effective and safe carb blockers. Sometimes, you can see on the bottle labels that they are called the start blockers. The ingredient contents of these supplements may differ very substantially and count many diverse ingredients. However, it often finally turns out that the majority if not all of these ingredients are helpless for the prevention of carbohydrate digestion.
You should know that there is one precious ingredient that is really scientifically proved to work as a natural carb blocker. And this is a white kidney bean extract. Many studies have already confirmed that the white kidney bean extract features a high potency to promote the body weight reduction and regulate blood sugar levels in a harmless way. That’s why you should always pay attention on the label of carb blocker you are going to purchase in order to make the best choice. Make sure the product formula includes the white kidney bean extract. This will guarantee that you get really a well-working pill able to meet the expectations put on the carb blocker.
The carb blocker dosage also plays a very important role for the efficacy of such pills. You should choose only the supplements with the properly measured dosages of active ingredients in them. At the same time, you have to strictly follow the dosage regimen when taking such pills. Thus, in the majority of cases, it’s advisable to take two capsules of carb blocker before eating foods rich in carbohydrates.
In addition, you should remember that the FDA considers the dietary products as foods. That’s why the control over the turnover and safety of these supplements now leaves much to be desired comparing to the prescription medications. For this reason, you should display much vigilance when selecting the most suitable carb blocker. It’s strongly recommended to purchase such remedies only from the well-established manufacturers with a flawless reputation.

Precautions for Using Carb Blockers

The carb blockers are positioned as the supplements which ensure a high safety level. But it should be noted that this refers to people who are healthy at the time of supplementation.
Since the carbohydrate blockers can have a considerable impact on the blood sugar levels, these pills may endanger people with diabetes or people who are prone to the development of this disease.
Also, the intake of carb blockers is contraindicated to the pregnant women and breastfeeding women because there are not studies, proving safety of these remedies for such users.
People who suffer from kidney diseases, liver diseases, and digestive medical conditions should also never use these pills.
However, if you have any other medical conditions, you have to also tell your healthcare provider about your intention to take the starch blockers. And never start the supplementation with these remedies without your doctor’s approval.

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