Best Natural Appetite Suppressants That Work in 2020

Appetite Suppressants: Real Help to Get Your Diet under Control

It is a well-known fact that a slender and healthy body is primarily about proper and balanced nutrition. However, having tried all sorts of diets, many people are despair of losing weight. Not everyone has an opportunity to eat often and in small portions, someone does not have enough time to have regular workouts. There are also those, who cannot stand a single diet and break down halfway. Generally, most of us are just having an eating disorder. We cannot control our hunger and often eat just to pass time. All these factors inevitably cause significant weight gain and a great desire to get rid of it.

As you may see, food cravings can be a real problem when dieting. For this purpose, there exist appetite suppressants, aimed to curb your appetite and get your nutrition under control. Go on reading and you will get a full guide on appetite suppressing supplements right here.


Zotrim is created to help you overcome severe food cravings and suppress the desire of constant snacking.

This appetite suppressant promotes quicker and prolonged satiety. Due to this, you will consume less food during your regular meals as well as will not have a desire to non-stop snack throughout the day.

Moreover, you must not adhere to any specific diet in order to start getting rid of unwanted pounds during Zotrim supplementation. According to the studies, Zotrim enables people to reduce the body weight even if the users simply take the supplement, without any dieting and exercising.

What is an Appetite Suppressant?

Appetite Suppressants are pharmacological supplements, aimed to reduce appetite and thereby contribute to a decrease in total body weight. These supplements may have different mechanisms of influence, however, ultimately, taking all of them leads to inhibition of the center of hunger and to the activation of the center of saturation, which promotes weight loss.

Appetite suppressants were originally developed for the athletes, who were preparing for the competition. The increased workouts provoked stronger appetite. To avoid gaining weight, appetite suppressants were added into the diet of these sportsmen. Nowadays, these supplements are actively advised to all the people, who are trying to fight off their obesity.

With an integrated approach to solving the problem of excess weight, appetite suppressants will help you:

  • smoothly reduce the intake of high-calorie foods;
  • nullify unplanned snack breaks;
  • gradually forget about the oppressive feeling of hunger;
  • perceive nutritional restrictions during a diet with ease.

How do Appetite Suppressants Work?

The centers of satiation/hunger feelings are located in the hypothalamus, which is a part of brain. Focusing on the amount of sugar in human blood, the hypothalamus sends a signal of satiety to the body, or, on the contrary, of hunger. Appetite suppressing supplements contain components that interact with the hormone catecholamine. This hormone is able to regulate the hypothalamus and cause a feeling of fullness even from a small portion of food. Interacting with the human brain, this supplement fully reveals the functions, laid down in it by the scientists.

The properties of each representative of appetite suppressants directly depend on its composition. However, all of them are claimed to have such effects:

  • decrease of hunger;
  • weight loss;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • gradual reduction of fat that was previously accumulated in the body;
  • calming effect;
  • normalization of sleep;
  • consolidation of a habit to eat less and feel full with a small portion.

How to Take Appetite Suppressants?

Every person’s body is individual. That is why it would be wise to consult your doctor before taking an appetite suppressant or any other weight loss supplement.

Generally, all the appetite blockers should be taken in accordance with the instruction. The recommended dose and time may vary depending on the ingredients and the form of supplements. For example, most appetite suppressors containing fiber in the form of tablets should be taken 3 times a day with food, while the same supplement in the form of capsules should be taken twice a day – 30-60 minutes before breakfast and dinner.
Anyway, mind that they will help you to achieve your weight loss goal only in the combination with proper nutrition program and regular physical exercises.

Why It Is Crucial to Control Your Hunger Feeling

A huge number of people indeed suffer from the increased appetite. And not less people feel embarrassed to avow themselves as food addicted. But the problem acknowledgement is very important in the battle against overwhelming hunger.
If you leave your hunger unaddressed, this will sooner or later result in drastic overeating. Trying not to pay attention to hunger, you make your body synthesize more and more hunger hormone called ghrelin. The levels of this hormone become maximal when you skip food intake. You body will start physically standing up against hunger and starvation. You will be unable to think about anything except food. Due to this, your body weight may grow in leaps and bounds.
To improve the situation, you shouldn’t also allow your hunger grow to uncontrolled state. And for this purpose, the high-quality appetite suppressants may do you a great favor. There remedies were invented to help people cut body weight or prevent weight gain which follow from enormous appetite. If you manage to make a good choice of appetite suppressant pills, you are sure to regain control over your hunger feeling.

Most Powerful Appetite Suppressant Medications

People who have serious problems with excessive weight, as well as people who are prone to drastic weight gains often ask their doctors to prescribe the strongest appetite suppressant medications. These medications include:

  • Phentermine: This appetite suppressant is among the leaders among the diet pills prescribed in the US for overcoming excess hunger. This medication is famous for its high efficacy. The appetite-decreasing effects occur promptly.
  • Qsymia: This medication consists of Phentermine and Topiramate. It fights appetite and enables the users to consume less food. You may get a prescription for this drug if your body mass index is 27-30 or even greater and at the same time you have some weight-induced condition. But even though this pill belongs to the prescription medications, the doctors advise to combine its intake with serious lifestyle changes to lose much weight.
  • Belviq: The mechanism of this appetite suppressant drug action implies the stimulation of serotonin receptors known for their ability to manage appetite. By taking part in hunger regulation, this medication enables people feel satiety after the consumption of a smaller amount of food. This prescription pill suits people with BMI equal to 27-30 and bigger. These people also suffer from obesity-induced conditions.
  • Saxenda: This injectable prescription pill promotes quicker fullness due to which you can decrease your food intake and hence get rid of a larger quantity of unwanted pounds. This medication can be a worthy choice for people suffering from obesity. Their BMI is often 30 and even more. And these patients often have hypertension, high cholesterol levels, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Contrave: This kind of the prescription-only appetite suppressant pills is comprised of two drugs called Bupropion and Naltrexone Hydrochloride. This medication has a strong influence on the central nervous system. Due to this, appetite lowers and hunger pangs stop torturing people. The doctors prescribe this drug upon condition that the patient will adhere to the calorie reduction nutrition plan and the professional training routine in order to contribute to the considerable body weight drop.

Though the strongest appetite suppressant drugs enjoy a wide popularity among overweight and obese people, you should be ready to the unpredicted and unpleasant side effects and contraindications. In addition, you can take such medications for a very limited period of time. Otherwise, addiction is guaranteed. Also, you always have to take the mentioned medications under the supervision of the healthcare providers.

Best-Working Natural Appetite Suppressants

The natural remedies that curb excessive appetite have many advantages over the strong prescription drugs. But their greatest upside that attracts overweight people is a much higher safety comparing to the synthetic prescription pills. The best appetite suppressants of natural origin are as follows:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

This is a branded all-natural appetite suppressant that belongs to polyunsaturated fatty acids. Though this acid is available in foods such as beef and dairy products, it is now frequently included the high-quality natural hunger-cubing pill. CLA has a regulatory impact on hormones and genes responsible for appetite. Also, the acid promotes the acceleration of calorie-melting process, enhances lean body mass growth, and intensifies body fat cut.


This is a natural compound derived from bitter orange. It is famous for its ability to suppress the feeling of hunger and speed up metabolism in the human body. This 100% natural substance is often added to the non-prescription supplements which stimulate the weight loss due to the appetite reduction. Bitter orange extract accelerates basal metabolic rate. It means that your body will burn the increased amount of calories at the state of rest. As a result, fat breakdown activation happens and overpowering appetite ceases haunting you, while the extra pounds fade away.


This soluble fiber won fame of one of the best-working appetite suppressants ever. This unique fiber has a scientifically-backed potential to absorb as much water as is 50 times equal to the weight of fiber consumed. That’s why Glucomannan really considerably boosts satiety and hence makes the hunger feeling plummet. If you don’t feel any hunger for a long time, you not only eat less food, but also can decelerate digestive processes and block protein and fat absorption. Due to this, the body weight on scales will go down.


Pectin is an extremely effective and completely harmless natural detoxifier. It is known to stabilize the metabolism and low cholesterol in the body. This ingredient also helps to improve peripheral blood circulation and intestinal motility, which is of great importance for people who are trying to get rid of extra weight.

Green Coffee Been Extract

The extract obtained from the raw coffee seeds serves as an effective non-artificial appetite suppressant. The hunger-decreasing properties of green coffee been extract are easy to explain due to the abundant availability of chlorogenic acid. This acid actively resists fat accumulation, not allowing it to happen. In addition, there is caffeine in this extract. Caffeine also makes appetite naturally decrease.


It is a plant that has been widely applied for traditional healing in many cultures. But the modern science discovered its potential to work as an appetite suppressant. This plant is very rich in caffeine which urges the nervous system to perform its function at a much faster rate. This helps cope with sluggish metabolism and make appetite decline.


Caffeine is a well-known component of most diet pills and supplements due to its abilities to suppress appetite and speed up metabolism by 10%. It also contributes to a more efficient burning of fat mass.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Cayenne Pepper is a plant, which is highly valued for its health benefits. It contains powerful antioxidants and is loaded with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C. Cayenne pepper extract helps to ease digestion and to support weight loss. This component is also known to have inflammatory properties.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has many useful properties. This ingredient is proved to improve metabolism and low cholesterol in the body. It also has an ability to suppress hunger, significantly reducing the production of the hormone ghrelin and increasing sensitivity to insulin. Catechins and other bioactive elements of green tea also have thermo genic properties that help to burn fat cells for energy.

Dietary Fiber

Fiber is an indispensable ingredient of many appetite suppressants. Its abilities to promote satiety, to normalize the functioning of digestion system and maintain immunity have been known for centuries. Besides, it helps to slow down the absorption of sugars, and thereby prolongs the feeling of fullness and reduces cravings for food.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid is part of the group of conditional vitamins and is an important component of dehydrogenase complexes. This substance is capable of producing a regenerating and purifying effect on the body. When losing weight, this is extremely important and, therefore, the presence of alpha-lipoic acid in appetite suppressing supplements looks quite logical.

If you undergo the supplementation with the mentioned natural appetite suppressant remedies, you will avoid threatening adverse reactions and give a natural boost to the weight-loss process. Also, you can continue the intake of the best appetite suppressant supplements as long as you need to achieve your appetite-reducing and body weight-normalizing goals.

What are the Potential Side Effects of Appetite Suppressants?

Most of the appetite suppressants contain natural components and are considered comparatively safe. However, every human body is individual. If a definite appetite-suppressing product suits one person, it does not mean that it will be good for you too.

To avoid the possible risks, consult your doctor first and pay attention that most appetite suppressants are not recommended to people with diabetes, pregnant and lactating women, as well as children under 18. People, suffering from cardiovascular disease should be extremely careful and take these supplements only under medical supervision.

Overall, an uncontrolled usage of these supplements can potentially cause:

  • insomnia, irritation and nervousness;
  • pain throughout the body;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • digestion problems;
  • exacerbation of chemical infections;
  • habituation;
  • allergic reactions.

To achieve a long-term weight loss effects with a chosen appetite suppressant, it is important to observe the following rules:

  • The usage of appetite suppressing supplements must be accompanied by a low-calorie diet and active physical activity;
  • Sweets, pastries, fried vegetables should be excluded from the diet;
  • A person who wants to lose weight should forget about alcoholic beverages;
  • Meals should be small, but frequent;
  • It is important to drink much water;
  • The last meal should be from 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep.

To summarize, it is worth saying that properly chosen appetite suppressants really help to reduce the need for food, curb hunger, and, as a result, lose weight. However, this does not mean that the use of these supplements should occur arbitrarily. You will see the desired results only with an integrated approach: proper nutrition, exercise and appetite suppressing supplements. We hope that our review will help you to take a right decision and stay healthy!

How Long to Take Appetite Suppressants

The period during which it’s worth taking the appetite suppressants first of all depends on what type of remedies you are going to use. It means that the intake time may differ for the natural supplements and the prescription medications. Severity of overweight and obesity also has an impact on the time you have to devote to the intake of pills which fight wolfish appetite
If you undergo the pharmaceutical treatment of obesity with the help of the strongest appetite suppressant medications, you should know about the limited period of their use. In fact, the prescription weight-loss drugs are intended only for the short-term use. Usually, this period is equal to about 12 weeks if the other is not specified by the doctor.
But even if you further need to use the prescription medications again, you must take a break after the pharmaceutical therapy course. Otherwise, you will run a high risk of addiction since the prescription appetite suppressant pills contain many addictive components of artificial origin.
As for the natural appetite suppressant supplements, the manufacturers typically recommend the customers to undergo the supplementation for no less than 2-3 months in order to experience the maximum appetite reduction and weight loss gains. But often, the users of natural hunger-curbing supplements take the natural pills even for half a year in order to reliably fix the supplementation results.

Food That Work as Appetite Suppressants

It may sound surprising but there are the foods helpful for combating hunger pangs. If you include these foods to your daily nutrition plan, it will work as a natural appetite suppressant. These appetite-suppressing foods are as follows:

  • Avocado: It is a source of monounsaturated fats. That’s why it makes the food digestion longer and successfully addresses the issue of increased appetite. So, avocado is an effective appetite suppressant.
  • Legumes: The legumes are loaded with soluble fiber and complex carbohydrates. They decelerate digestion and stomach emptying. As a result, the feeling of fullness lasts much longer.
  • Cottage Cheese: The bodybuilders and different diet followers highly appreciate cottage cheese because it offers a healthy snack option. This low-fat product is richly filled with protein. And at the same time, works well by reducing appetite.
  • Oatmeal: It is one of the kings among the appetite-decreasing foods. It strongly promotes satiety. Due to this, you will not feel hunger for a long time and hence will be able to prolong time between meals and consume less food during meal. Oatmeal boosts satiety because it contains much soluble fiber known as beta-glucans.
  • Almonds: This kind of nuts belongs to the best appetite suppressants among foods. Almonds are extremely rich with healthy fats which make you feel less hunger. They serve as a perfect healthy snack that will not harm your body weight when consumed moderately.

What Causes Increased Appetite

Before you start taking any natural appetite suppressants, even the best ones, it’s advisable to firstly find out the causes of enormous appetite increase.

The matter is that the ravenous hunger may tell about different things and not always require the immediate intake of even the most advanced appetite suppressants. Thus, it’s naturally to feel extreme hunger after high-intense workouts or any other hard physical activity. But the long-term persistence of voracious appetite may be a sign of an underlying disease or other problem.

The major causes of uncontrollable hunger pangs may include:

  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Pregnancy
  • Low blood sugar levels
  • Diabetes
  • Bulimia
  • Graves’ disease
  • Response to the intake of medications like tricyclic antidepressants, cyproheptadine, and corticosteroids

So, it’s important to figure out what exactly causes the increased feeling of hunger prior to using even the 100% natural appetite suppressants.

How to Treat Increased Appetite

The healthcare specialists recommend people who struggle against food cravings start even the supplementation with the natural remedies like appetite suppressants after the doctor’s consultation.
It’s actually the task of a healthcare provider to determine what makes your appetite bluster, whether you have excessive weight issues, or whether you suffer from any ailment. The increased appetite treatment will be based on the cause of overwhelming hunger and may include the use of OTC appetite suppressants. But the diagnosis of an underlying condition will be set, you will have to undergo appropriate pharmaceutical therapy and/or other treatment.

If your increased appetite is explained with diabetes, endocrinologist and nutritionist will advise you how to keep blood sugar levels under control and which non-artificial appetite suppressants you might rely on. These specialists will teach you how to timely identify low blood sugar levels, tackle the problem, and prevent hypoglycemia associated with the loss of consciousness, seizures or even death.

If the appetite is difficult to manage even in case of taking natural appetite suppressants due to the treatment with some medications, the healthcare provider may find appropriate substituted or change the dose. You are strongly discouraged from ceasing the intake of prescription drugs or dose adjustment if your doctor doesn’t let you do this.

Hunger Hormones and Appetite

People who have the problem of excessive weight often select the OTC appetite suppressants without even understanding the nature of hunger. But it’s important to understand the mechanism of hunger occurrence to be able control this feeling and don’t let the weight gain become your burning challenge. So before taking any appetite suppressants, it’s advisable to get to know about how the hunger appears.

The hunger feeling is dependent on the hunger hormones which are ghrelin and leptin. These two hormones directly participate in the appetite management and are also targeted by some top-notch appetite suppressants. Leptin is known as an anorexigenic hormone because it decreases appetite. Ghrelin is orexigenic by its nature because it increases appetite. In other words, leptin is called a satiety hormone, while ghrelin is referred to as a hunger hormone. If ghrelin levels elevate, a person has the feeling of hunger. When the body gets foods, ghrelin levels plummet, while leptin levels upsurge providing the filling of satiety. The action of most non-prescription appetite suppressants is actually based on the principles of work of hunger hormones. And the task of the best natural appetite suppressants is to raise the levels of leptin to overcome hunger and increased appetite.

Hunger Hormones and Body Weight

When you take the appetite suppressants with natural content, you expect that your body weight will reduce along with your hunger and appetite. That’s why these supplements are often developed in a way that triggers the mechanism of natural leptin growth in order to promote satiety and combat hunger pangs.

The natural components available in the well-working non-prescription appetite suppressants helps the body synthesize more leptin. In its turn, leptin takes part in the decrease of ghrelin production by gastric cells, as well as inhibits the expression of ghrelin receptors. This of course has a positive impact on the body weight. Since a person feels less hunger, it’s possible to eat less as well. Since the food consumption decreases, the probability of calorie surplus drops. This is what successfully aids overweight and obese people in cutting the body weight and keeping it off.

So, it’s recommended to rely on the high-quality natural appetite suppressants from the trustworthy manufacturers, which are able to effectively alter the levels of both ghrelin and leptin in a way promoting the hunger decrease. And therefore, the body weight loss will happen.

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